15 Aug 2017

Review: Illi Total Aging Care Cleansing Water

I am not sure do you guys know about Memebox. I know for sure that Memebox US is no longer selling products through its website, but Memebox in Korea remains very popular. Even the famous makeup artist Pony started off selling her makeup palettes on Memebox! And Memebox also raised up many lesser known brands, like Dear by Enprani, Illi, Nooni, and many more! Despite my love for Memebox and the products it recommended, they are not easily accessible in Malaysia. Memebox doesn't ship to Malaysia either (for whatever reason) although they ship to many other countries, so I mostly got the things I wanted from either Testerkorea or Gmarket.

Memebox recommended Illi many months ago, so I did not forget to grab some Illi products when I was buying from Gmarket. I bought the Illi Total Aging Care Body Lotion and was really impressed, so I also picked up this Cleansing Water in my subsequent purchase. I kept it in my wardrobe because I have some other cleansing waters that I haven't finished using and testing. By the time I almost finished them, roughly 1.5 years had passed. I am sorry for keeping you guys waiting, let's head straight to this long-overdue review from Illi!

Review: Naruko AMPM RX10 Peptide Total-Defense Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++

If you follow my blog, you will notice that I was a big advocate for Naruko AMPM Sunscreen. I tried and loved its SPF30 version very much, even rated it as my top 1 holy grail sunscreen. None of the sunscreens I tried later can surpass the impression it gave me. However, I also realized that the SPF30 version doesn't contain sufficient UVA1 protection, which made it useful only for office wear (where your are shielded from sun exposure), not outdoor activities. As such, I was really keen to try out its SPF50 version to see if I like it as much as the SPF30 one, so I was not hesitated when I saw the SPF50 version on sales at Watson's a few months ago. I also purchased the Naruko Jing Cheng First Essence. Let's read on to find out my thoughts on the Naruko AMPM RX10 Peptide Total-Defense Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++!

14 Aug 2017

Review: L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence SPF50 | PA++++

I mentioned about L'Oreal Paris in my previous Kiehl's sunscreen review that this was a cheaper substitute for the expensive but good Kiehl's Ultra Light UV Defenser. I have since received a few PMs asking me to do a more in-depth review on the product, so here is it.

Review: Huxley Sun Cream; Stay Sun Safe SPF50+ PA++++

Huxley comes out with its own sunscreen!!! How exciting is that? I am a fan of Huxley products, from its toner, essence, to cream. They smell heavenly, use quality ingredients and have nice texture! So I am really intrigued and excited when Huxley launches its makeup and sunscreen line. Currently, there is only two sunscreens (one with toning-up effect) and a concealer available, but there will definitely be more in the future! Let's read on to see how Huxley incorporates its luxurious cactus seed oil into sunscreen!

13 Aug 2017

Review: Hanyul Seo Ri Tae Anti Aging Cream

I don't have a lot of anti-aging or wrinkles-repairing cream. And I don't like the samples that I have. They are mostly too rich or sticky on the skin. But today, I want to talk about an anti-aging cream I tried and loved a lot here. It is the Hanyul Seo Ri Tae Anti-Aging Cream. Currently it has been repackaged and upgraded to Hanyul Seo Ri Tae Skin Refining Cream. The ones I have are in miniatures, which I purchased from Gmarket early last year. I tried out a trial kit I purchased from Qoo10 in early 2016, and was really impressed by the texture and application of the Rice Essential Skin Softner and the Seo Ri Tae Anti-Aging Cream so I bought both products when Gmarket was running its shipping promotion last year. I got the full size Rice Essential Skin Softner (reviewed) and several miniatures size of the Seo Ri Tae Anti-Aging Cream.

Comparison Review: Cosrx One Step Pimple Clear Pad vs. One Step Moisture Up Pad

Kbeauty industry is really innovative and fast-moving. It seems only like few years ago when Cosrx gained its popularity in the kbeauty community with its AHA and BHA then all out of sudden we have these innovative essence-soaked exfoliating pads. Many brands like Neogen, Wish Formula, and Cosrx have come out with their own exfoliating pads. The Cosrx One Step Pimple Clear Pad even became the brand's top seller in Korea, and even Meejmuse is raving about it! Lets take a look at these one-step pads and see what they can do for our skin!

I have both the Cosrx One Step Pimple Clear Pad and the One Step Moisture Up Pad so I will do a comparison review on both products. I got the Pimple Clear Pad from Koreadepart and the One Step Moisture Up Pad from Hermo Beauty Workshop.

12 Aug 2017

Review: Laneige Eyebrow Cushion-Cara #02 Two-Tone Brown

Laneige likes anything "two-tone". Its two-tone lip stick makes a debunk across the world last year. Now, it comes out with this gorgeous two-tone eye brow in the form of cushion! Come on... what can be cuter, more convenient, and fuss-free than a eyebrow cushion?! Naturally, I couldn't resist the temptation to bring it home when I learned about its existence several months ago at the Laneige road show.

Basically, this is a handy, convenient, easy-to-use eyebrow liquid in the form of cushion. It will take care of your eyebrow line/base and colour in one. And it also comes in a small mirror for travelling and reapplication convenience.

Before this we have cushion foundation, now we have cushion (mas)cara. It retails at RM 105 each without a refill pack. I would consider it pricey given the amount of products it come with, but since I never try a eyebrow cushion before, I'm willing to give this a try!

There are two different versions, namely the two-tone gray (gray brown/khaki brown) and two-tone brown (dark brown/light brown). The one I have is the two-tone brown. I swatched it on my eyebrow the other day and the two-tone brown appears more natural-looking despite my darker hair colour. I guess it is just a personal preference.

Review: Belif Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner and Hydra Balancing Milky Moisturizer

If you follow my blog, you will know that I am a big fan of Belif products. I collect Belif products like stamp, and have done a comparison review of 60 over Belif products I used in the past. I also did a very detailed review on Belif toner and emulsion set for dry and oily skin earlier. So in today's review, I'm gonna complete my Belif toner and emulsion/lotion review collection by talking about the Belif Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner and Hydra Balancing Milky Moisturizer. They are both in green, which stands for normal/combination skin.

10 Aug 2017

Review: Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling - Wine

I have been really curious with this Peeling Pad ever since it was launched on Soko Glam and subsequently, Hermo. I never thought I would buy it, but Hermo 612 Sales was so attractive that I ended up buying a lot of Neogen products, which of course included this Peeling Pad.

Currently, Neogen is carrying three different types of Peeling Pad, namely wine, green tea and lemon. The one I got is the wine version and is also the best-seller on Soko Glam.

Review: Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA++++

Out of all Kiehl's products I have tried, this is probably one of my favourites. It is super lightweight, fast-absorbing and uses premium ingredients! I would just stick to this if it aren't so pricey. Yes, we are talking about the Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50+ PA++++ here. 30ml of this sunscreen is retailed for RM 155 in Kiehl's store, making it the priciest sunscreen I ever used in my wardrobe.

I spoke about the importance of getting a lightweight, broad spectrum and inexpensive sunscreens in my mega sunscreen review. Sunscreen is not a skincare luxury, it is a necessity, just like food. It not only delays aging and skin damages, but also prevent skin cancer so it is imperative that you wear sunscreen everyday. As such, it is impractical to have pricey sunscreen or those with unpleasant texture. Having said these, despite my love for Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50+ PA++++, I don't think I will be repurchasing unless if there is good discount and deal. But for those of you who won't spending so much on a sunscreen, this is a really good option to try out!

9 Aug 2017

Review: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

We always say "you get what you pay for" when it comes to goods and services. But have you ever wondered sometimes you get way more than what you usually pay with the right product?

If you follow my blog, you know that I am not new to cleansing water. I have tried many cleansing water, from Hada Labo (well, it is actually a gel liquid type cleansing water), Innisfree, Nature Republic, Etude House, Laneige, The Saem, Neogen, Illi, to Huxley. Most of them are priced around RM 50-100 for 300-500ml. The Saem is the cheapest, at only RM 15-20 but the quality is also quite "meh". So I have a rough idea on what cleansing water should be, and its associated price. Rarely do I expect to get good results from something that costs me only about RM 20-25, because that would be too good to be true. However, in today's case, I really see miracle with this gorgeous Micellar Cleansing Water from L'Oreal Paris Garnier, and I know I must share it with you guys!

6 Aug 2017

Review: Neogen Dermalogy Real Flower Cleansing Water - Rose

My expectation on cleansing water goes up vastly after my experience with the lovely Son & Park Beauty Water. I expect my cleansing water to feel like toner, is refreshing, lightweight, has exfoliating properties and cleanse well at the same time. So when I opened this Neogen Real Flower Cleansing Water I expect it to as good as if not better than Son & Park. After all, it is considered a highly raved product and is not cheap either, so it is very reasonable to expect some good from it. However, having used it for 2 months now, I am sad to conclude that this is nowhere comparable to  Son & Park.

Read on to find out more about why I find this a less satisfying cleansing water!

Review: Face Masks I used in June and July 2017 - Innisfree, Mediheal and The Saem

I only used 6 masks in June and July this year. I have talked about Primary Raw 2-Step Face Therapy many times in my previous reviews so I am not gonna repeat again. I also reviewed about G & Soap Glacial Sheet Mask in my Althea's Chok Chok box review. So in this review, I am gonna talk about the 3 others that I haven't reviewed before.

Full list of masks I used in June and July 2017:

  • Primary Raw Doyou 2-step Face Therapy | Review ★★★★
  • B&Soap Glacial Water Mask | Review ★★★
  • Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask #Rose ★★★☆
  • Mediheal Pumpkin Ade Mask ★★★☆
  • The Saem Daily Super Seed Mask Sheet - Basil Seed ★★★☆

2 Aug 2017

Review: Laneige White Dew Milky Cleanser, Skin Refiner, Original Ampoule Essence, Emulsion and Tone-up Cream

Laneige came out with a new "White Dew" line early this year, which is the renewed version of its "White Plus Renew" line. The name "white dew" also shows that dewy skin has become a trend in Asian beauty community nowadays. Women no longer demand for whiter skin, they want dewier and more chok-chok looking skin!

I am actually half excited and half sad to hear about the reformulation. If you follow my blog, you'll notice that I talked about how effective the Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence at reducing my dark spots and evening out my complexion. Whilst excited to try out this new launching, I am also a bit worried that it would not be as good as the White Plus Renew.

In this review, I am gonna share my thought on 5 Laneige White Dew miniatures / samples that I got from my Testerkorea haul earlier. I have used them for roughly 2 weeks and below are my thoughts on them respectively.

You can read more about my thought on the old Laneige White Plus Renew line here.

Alcohol-Free Alternative to Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence - Review: Kiss Me Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence SPF50+ PA++++

Looking for a lightweight sunscreen that is alcohol-free? Loving the texture of Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence but cannot take its strong alcohol scent and high alcohol content? This will be your answer!

Kiss Me Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence N is a water-based, alcohol-free sunscreen gel that is super lightweight and refreshing on the skin. It provides broad spectrum protection offering SPF50+ PA++++. It is so lightweight that it absorbs into the skin almost instantly like a moisturizing essence. It contains 86% moisturizing ingredient offering strong hydration power with 3 types of hyaluronic acid ingredients. I found this when I was browsing for newer sunscreen at Watson's.

1 Aug 2017

Review of The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA After Using It For 3 Months

I bought this Alpha Arbutin serum from the brand The Ordinary under Deciem several months ago, after watching Gothamista and Liah Yoo raving about them on Youtube. I rarely use Western skincare but the high CP and ingredients-speak-it-all approach used by Deciem really appeals to me so I ended up buying 3 products from the company:

  • The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA
  • The Ordinary Buffet
  • The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2%

In this review, we are gonna talk about the Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA, which is the serum that I finished the quickest among all three products. I used it mostly at night, and will always make sure I apply a lot of sunscreen if I use it in the morning. I have about 10-20% left in the bottle after using them for about 3 months. For a serum that costs me about RM 40, I think this is definitely a great value for money!

31 Jul 2017

Review: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Melting Clay Mask

By the time I review about this, I'm gonna be wanting the newly released Color Clay Mask already!! So yeah, this is kinda like a belated review, but it still has its value of existence and I am sure there are people who still want to give this a try.

Talking about the Color Clay Mask, I think it is a great idea (so cute and interesting!), but if they can come out with a 7-in-1 medium size kit then it's gonna be better! I think I might try out some of them to see how it differs from all other ones I've tried!

29 Jul 2017

Mega Huxley Haul Review And My Experience Shopping from Sweet Corea!

Sweet Corea is not very popular among the beauty community. It is lesser known if compared to Jolse, Koreadepart, RoseRoseShop and Testerkorea. So I think many of you must be curious how it feels like shopping from Sweet Corea, which is the reason that motivates me to write this review!

I have been shopping from Sweet Corea since 2015, from Malaysian Gmarket Qoo10, so the shop is legit and it is selling authentic products.  My only complaint is that they tend to give me free products that have passed the expiry date. The products I bought have long expiry date though, but I don't like how they pretend to be giving me free stuffs when they actually are not because I won't be using those stuffs anyway.

It is cheaper to buy from Qoo10 if you only get 1-2 products because you can save on shipping. But if you were to get 5-6 items and above, then buying directly from their official website would be much more economic. They are known as "SweetBox" in Qoo10.

Shipping takes approximately 2 weeks from the day you place order. They normally don't notify you about the progress of the order, but you can always email them and ask. They do response on Facebook though. They will notify you if a product is out of stock and ask if you would prefer a replacement or a refund through email so make sure to check your email otherwise you will be kept waiting for a long time.

Review: Olivarrier Squalane Fluid Oil I Received from Jolse

I have never been a fan of oil, not only in term of diet but also in skincare. I don't know why, but all women at my age are taught to avoid oil in every aspect of their lives since childhood. This law is only overthrown recently in diet, and women are starting to appreciate having a bit of oil in their foods and also their skin. I don't want to go into the diet part because it would be lengthy and complex, let's focus on what oil can do for our skin.

Gothamista did an excellent video touching various benefits of face oils can bring for different skin types and needs. Allure also highlighted the four major benefits, which are anti-oxidizing, soothing, moisturizing, and boosting that face oils offer in our daily skincare regime.

Different types of face oils have different properties thus distinctive benefits. Lavender oil, for instance, is particularly good at soothing and calming down your skin, which is why you see it is used in many products that offer aroma-therapeutic benefits like Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spots Solution. Tea tree oil is another star in various anti-acne products, most notably Naruko and The Body Shop tea tree lines. Almost all sheet masks especially Taiwanese one contains some sort of citrus oil like bergamot, grapefruit, lime or lemon. Argan oil and marula oil are commonly used in hair care products for their deep nourishing properties. For our review today, we have squalane oil derived from olive. I want to thank Jolse for sending me this adorable Squalane Oil from Olivarrier in exchange of an honest review.

27 Jul 2017

Haul Review: Althea Korea's Chok Chok Box

It is summer time (at least in Malaysia, the weather is still freaking hot)! A perfect time for some ice-cream, swimming suit as well as to get chok-chok!

I received this Chok Chok Box from the lovely Althea early this month so I am really excited to share it with you guys! You guys know I rarely do makeup posts, mostly because I don't makeup a lot and I am not particularly good at doing that, but the makeup items in this box is so pretty that I use it everyday after receiving it!

There are 6 items in the Althea's Chok Chok Box:

  • Laneige Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist 60ml
  • Dr. Young Silky Primer 25ml
  • W-Lab Water Hole Cushion #23
  • A'Pieu Creamy Cheek-Chok Blusher CR01
  • Milky Dress Barbie Make Color Pop Tint [Delight Coral]
  • B&Soap Glacial Water Mask

All these are well established brands. Among which, the Laneige mist retails for RM 80 per 120ml so this is quite a deal!

Let's look at the product one by one:

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