31 May 2017

Review: Huxley Secret of Sahara Grab Water Essence and Fresh and More Cream

I really like Huxley's brand philosophy that "great things never come from comfort zones". This is an attitude that everyone should adopt, not only in product development, but also in our daily life. In fact, Huxley is not exaggerating when it says so. It is not hesitated to bring us great ingredients from the pristine land on earth, from harsh desert, higher mountains to deep sea. We now get to enjoy all these wonderful ingredients because of Huxley initiative! How nice is that?

I have this feeling that less is more when it comes to Huxley. It has the simplest range of products with only cleansing products, toner, treatment, cream and masks. Maybe they will come out with more later, but I like how I don't have to break my bank to buy all their wonderful products! And honestly, I am not someone who will put on 10-15 layer of products on my skin. My skin cannot absorb as much normally so I always try to feed it with less but nutritious stuffs. And thanks to the emergence of innovative multitasking products, such as splash mask (exfoliating + refreshing + cleansing), in-shower mask (deep cleansing + cleansing), oil-to-foam cleanser, pressed serum (serum + cream), essence (toner + treatment), and so on, we can now enjoy less with more!

Let's see if this Huxley Hydration Duo set belongs to the "less is more" category.

24 May 2017

Comparison Review: Aritaum Water Sliding Tint, Color Lasting Tint, and Honey Melting Tint

Today I want to talk about three lip sticks that I got from Aritaum and their differences and similarities to each other. Aritaum is a Korean cosmetic brand that focuses mainly on makeup. They carry skincare items as well but their makeup items are the most hyped up and mentioned one when I researched about Korean makeup items.

Review: Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream

I want to say that, some of the things I bought here are based on positive reviews I received on Instagram, You Tube and bloggers I followed. Scinic AIO Ampoule, Secret Key Black Snail Cream, Beauty Buffet, and so on are examples of products I bought after others raving about it but sadly fail to live up to my expectation. Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream is one of these "duds" (oh, dud sounds like a very strong word, maybe I should say "regrets") that fails to live up to my expectation.

I learned about the Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream from Snow White and the Asian Pear. I also saw it on Gothamista's review and several other beauty bloggers/instagrammers that I followed. Most of them give positive reviews on this product, except maybe for Peeping Pomeranian, so I had high hope on this cream wishing that it would work wonder for my skin!

And it was so hard to find a few months ago. Out of stock in almost everywhere. You know... when things are harder to reach, people tend to want to get it (which is why girls are told to play hard to get). The harder it is to find, the more I want it. And I saw it back in stock on Sweet Corea, I immediately grabbed one without thinking twice.

23 May 2017

Comparison Review: 2015 vs. 2017 reformulation of Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+ PA++++

I have loved Biore sunscreen for such a long time. In fact, it is the only sunscreen that I have been repurchasing among the 20 others I have tried. It is super lightweight, refreshing, has high sun protecting power and are available at cheap cheap price.

Recently, Biore just reformulated their best-selling sunscreens to make it more sweat-resistance. The one I have on the left hand side with darker blue packaging is the 2017 reformulated version. The right hand side is the older 2015 formulation.

In this review, we will look at both products side-by-side and see whether or not the new formulation is worth purchasing and if you should stock up on the older version.

22 May 2017

Haul Review: Mentholatum Malaysia Warehouse Sales 21 April at Atria Shopping Gallery

Another super belated haul review from me again... this time it was my Mentholatum Warehouse Sales haul on 21 April at Atria Shopping Mall. It was a long trip but I managed to go there after working hours. I rarely hear Mentholatum doing warehouse sales in Malaysia so I knew I just gotta pay it a visit. 

Everything was arranged neatly with long expiry date and proper price tags on respective products there. It feels more like an exhibition than a warehouse sales so I ended up getting a lot of products because everything looks so cool and they are darn cheap!

Participating brands are under the umbrella company Mentholatum. I saw Lip Ice, Hada Labo, Rohto, Botanics, Sunplay, Selsun and so on there. Let's go through the products I bought one by one:

21 May 2017

Review: Mamonde Rose Honey Sleeping Mask

I guess you guys know that I love rose. My first sleeping mask was a rose one from Beauty DIY (later rebranded to Naruko). I have talked about many rose containing products in my previous reviews. Now, let's talk about the rose honey sleeping mask from Mamonde.

Mamonde is a brand inspired from flowers. Most of their products are based on flower ingredients. They have a couple of skincare lines devoted into respective flowers such as rose, lotus, pomegranate flower, honeysuckle and so on. Other products in their rose line includes the Mamonde Rose Water Toner that I just reviewed and the Mamonde Rose Moisturizing Mask that I love. I got this Rose Honey Sleeping Mask about a year ago when I saw it at 11street. I wanted to experience the kind of luxurious moisturizing sensation I remembered when I first used the Beauty DIY Rose Overnight Gelly Pack. I hoped that this could bring me back to those beautiful memories which was why I bought it.

However, my passion for sleeping mask was somewhat faded the time I started using it. I didn't open it immediately after receiving it because I wanted to finish my last sleeping mask first before committing into this one. And by the time I finished the last one, I was no longer that passionate about sleeping mask. So this Mamonde one took me a good year to finish. I initially wasn't planning to do this review but I want to give it some recognition so I finally decided to talk about it a little.

19 May 2017

Haul Review: How It Feels Like Shopping from Testerkorea and Getting Stuffs from Emerging Brands Like Manyo Factory and Huxley

Today, I wanna share a very belated haul with you guys, which is my recent haul from Testerkorea. I was overwhelmed by other things so I hadn't really had time to talk about this haul.

Actually, Testerkorea is one of my favourite shopping venues. It carries a wide range of products from various Korean cosmetic brands as well as food and clothes. I normally just shop for non-accessible and newly released items from the store. Since it has an additional product requesting service, which charges 10% to source for the products you want to buy from any Korean website, I also sometimes shop for my favourite skincare sets there.

A break down of all the things I bought. There are Laneige, Huxley, Neogen, Innisfree, Belif, and Manyo Factory. The rest are all samples.

Review: Taiwanese Lovemore From Taiwan Sheet Mask Collection (Rosa Hybrida, Mountain Tea, Loofah & Aloe Vera, Wine Yeast, Pearl barley & Milk, Wild Yam)

Lovemore is available in Watson's Malaysia quite some times ago, I think a few years ago, so it is not new for many Malaysians. It is retailed at RM 6.90 each in Watson's, and Iqueen also carries it at similar price range. I bought mine when Iqueen was doing a 1+1 promotion.

I heard only good reviews about it, from many of my trusted reviewers so I didn't have to second think when I grabbed 6 boxes. Lovemore comes out with a few more flavours that are available in many Western countries but not quite yet in Malaysia, so this review we will only look at the older versions.

All Lovemore masks come in a thin and soft silky sheet soaked wet in clear and watery essence. They smell more or less the same - some kind of neutral cosmetic mask scent. The ginseng one smells slightly more of ginseng and the pearl barley one smells more like candy, the rest doesn't have any distinctive scent.

These masks adhere well onto your skin. It just sticks to and hugs your skin tightly without leaving a single space in between. Normally I only keep them on for 15-30 minutes and I don't recommend that you keep them on for longer. My rationale is that, although swimming is good, but it is often recommended that you swim for 1-2 hours only to avoid burning your epidermis. The same goes for our face. Our skin only has so much to absorb, keep feeding it with more isn't going to help as the 20 minutes is more than enough to force-feed your skin with all the nutrients it needs. The key is not to overdoing it. It is definitely a bad idea to keep the mask until it dries up. My bf did that once and I can see him peeling like crazy the next day since the humectants inside the mask starts absorbing moisture from his skin once the mask dries up (mainly due to evaporation). You can read more about sheet mask do and don't here.

Let's go straight to the products:

Review: Missha Under Eye Brightener #Natural Beige

I bought this from Althea after I gave my The Saem concealer to my cousin. I wanted to find a decent concealer, especially for under my eyes area. Laneige, The Saem, and Missha concealers were among my considerations but finally Missha stood out after I saw its price (RM 15) at Althea. Laneige one is pretty good too but I might not want to spend that much on a concealer that I rarely use.

11 May 2017

Haul Review: Kurator Malaysia, Blossom Jeju, Polatam, and Huxley

Today I am gonna share a beautiful haul with you guys. I posted this on my Instagram before but I still wanna write a more detailed review here.

Kurator is a Malaysian-based Korean premium skincare retailer. Currently, it carries multiple brands like Olivarrier, Blossom Jeju, Huxley, Polatam, The Lotus, and Wish Formula, all of which are really well-known brands with quality ingredients and formulation. They are also featured in many popular magazines and TV channels.

I learned about Kurator through my reader Seow Cheen when we were chatting about our Huxley haul from Testerkorea. And that's when she told me about Kurator that also happened to carry Huxley and many other really nice brands. So I gave it a try and was really excited to learn that the products at Kurator are really reasonably priced. Most Korean skincare when come to Malaysia tends to be overpriced but not Kurator! It would be great having more retailer like Kurator so that I don't have to buy online and wait weeks for the products to come.

10 May 2017

Review: Belif Peat Miracle Revital Serum Concentrate

Honestly, this isn't among my wishlist when I first encountered Belif products. I mean... let's be realistic, I am just in my mid-20s so I am not ready to fork out some RM 260 on a 30ml product that claims to have some kind of wrinkles-repairing benefits for the skin. I won't know even if it does work because I don't have any visible wrinkles on my face yet. And why should I pay that much of money on a serum that might work rather than investing on serum with scientifically proven ingredients that will work like vitamin A and vitamin C, right?

It was not until last year that I finally gave this peat serum a try. I ran out of new things to try at that time and I had a voucher that I must use within a month so I thought... well perhaps I can give this serum a chance.

9 May 2017

Review: IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning

After I published my comparison review of 16 treatment essences I have tried in the past 2 years, many people PM me asking about the closest dupe to SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and my favourite dupe of the SK-II FTE, so today I am gonna bring you guys to a closer look of this IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning, which in my opinion, is the best dupe for SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.

IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning is essentially a treatment essence, but not really a first essence. You are advised to use a toner to prep and hydrate your skin before applying this. However, many people including me love using this as the first step of our skincare routine. I find that my skin feels happier and fresher with this as the first step of my routine. However, if you have duller and rougher skin, then using a toner especially an exfoliating toner would help the essence to permeate better.

7 May 2017

Comparison Review: Belif The True Anti-Aging Essence and Belif The True Decoction - Anti Aging Shaking Water

Ever curious about the newly released The True Decoction - Anti-Aging Shaking Water and how does it differ from the Belif's Top 5 Best-Sellers The True Anti-Aging Essence? Follow me in this post to decode the similarities and differences between the two products, and whether or not you need to get this The True Decoction - Anti-Aging Shaking Water too if you already have the Anti-Aging Essence. And if you haven't, which one is a better choice.

Belif launched The True Decoction in 2016, which is a new herbal extracting method by boiling the herbs, kinda like how we make tea or coffee. This method allows the herbal ingredients to better dissolve so that beneficial components can be extracted from the solution.

The True Decoction -  Anti-Aging Shaking Water is only available in Korea and Taiwan right now, the one I got are miniatures purchased from Testerkorea, so I don't have a lot of information to share with you guys since I don't have the box and the official information in English. All information provided below are translated from the Taiwanese website.

We will look at the Anti-Aging Essence first, then move on to the Anti-Aging Shaking Water.

5 May 2017

Believe in Truth: A Brand Overview and Reviews of 60 Belif Products Part 6: Body Care, Hand Cream, Sunscreen, Foundation

Actually, I want to say that... the cover picture is irrelevant. I just haven't found the closest group photo of Belif products I have for this last part of my massive Belif reviews. Perhaps I should take some time to take pretty group photos for this post.

The last part of my massive Belif reviews cover the "others" category. We have body moisturizer, hand cream, sunscreen, and foundation. There is also nose balm, body scrub and hair care but I don't have enough budget to grab all so you are welcomed to share your thoughts on those products with me if you have tried them out yourself!

Honestly, I am less impressed by Belif's body care. I find them a little bit too rich for the Malaysian weather. Even The Body Shop ones are better in term of performance and texture. And my body is not sensitive at all so I seriously cannot appreciate the soothing benefits offered by Belif body products.

Their sunscreens are pretty extensive though and are suitable for various skin types. But the problem with their sun products is that they don't offer enough explanation for each product so non-skincare-junkee will be super confused. And it is not like Belif has trained their staffs into skincare experts or something to offer great advises. I am not saying that Belif does not train their staffs, but they still recommend the wrong things for my mom, and that is pretty understandable because come on, these are all young girls who might not be as passionate and as knowledgeable on skincare as some of the junkees like ourselves, so they might not know what skin types you have and what concerns you have since they don't have the machine to do all the measuring. And most customers don't know about their skin types either. So... I am just saying that Belif should be clearer in their labeling for these sunscreens.

Anyway, these are the products that we will talk about in this review:
  • Belif Body Bomba – Rosemary
  • Belif Body Bomba – Ylang Ylang
  • Belif Body Bomba
  • Belif In The Rose Garden Hand Cream
  • Belif My Lime-Orange Hand Cream
  • Belif Lavender Sky Hand Cream
  • Belif Uv Protector Daily Sunscreen Gel
  • Belif Uv Protector Stand-By-You Sunscreen
  • Belif Almighty Sun Powder
  • Belif Uv Protector Fresh Sunscreen  | Full Review
  • Belif Moisture Bomb Cushion SPF50+/PA+++
  • Belif Tinted Moisturizer Waterdrop B.B.

Believe in Truth: A Brand Overview and Reviews of 60 Belif Products Part 5: Mask

Belif produces a lot of mask, ranging from sheet mask, deep-cleansing mask, wash-off mask, eye mask to overnight mask. So you are pampered with choices and luxuries here. Belif masks are also reasonably priced. They are not that expensive considering their quantity and functions. Most masks we have are around RM 90 to RM 150, with an average of RM 100-120, so I think if you are clueless about where to start from for Belif, you can probably start from a mask! Today, I'm gonna talk about 10 different masks I have tried from Belif. Most of these are my own purchases, some belong to my mom. For those that I haven't tried, I do make sure that I try at least 2 of their samples (5ml x 2 / 50ml = 20%) before sharing my thoughts with you guys. I will try to be as unbiased as possible in pointing out what I like and what I don't for each Belif masks.

Let's dive right in!
  • Belif First Aid – Transforming Peel Off Mask
  • Belif First Aid – Anti-Hangover Soothing Mask
  • Belif First Aid – Overnight Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Mask
  • Belif First Aid – Overnight Brightening Mask
  • Belif First Aid – Overnight Skin Regeneration Mask  | Full Review
  • Belif First Aid – Aqua Rush Mask
  • Belif First Aid – Deep Pore Care Mask
  • Belif First Aid-360 Eye Care Mask  | Full Review
  • Belif The True Tincture Mask- Chamomile | Full Review
  • Belif Peat Miracle Revital Mask

Believe in Truth: A Brand Overview and Reviews of 60 Belif Products Part 4: Emulsion and Cream

You guys know that my favourite Belif product is its Aqua Bomb, which I have done a full review before (link provided below). But what about other Belif moisturizers with different texture? Do they suit individuals with different skin types and skincare concerns? In this review, we are gonna talk about all the Belif emulsion and creams with a focus on its consistency, spreadability, finish, and performance.

Products discussed in this article are:
  • Belif Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh
  • Belif Milky Moisturizer Hydra Balancing
  • Belif Creamy Moisturizer Deep Moist  | Full Review
  • Belif Peat Miracle Revital Cream
  • Belif The True Cream – Aqua Bomb  | Full Review
  • Belif The True Cream – Moisturizing Bomb  | Full Review
  • Belif The White Decoction – Ultimate Brightening Cream  | Full Review
  • Belif The True - Whitening Cream  | Full Review

Believe in Truth: A Brand Overview and Reviews of 60 Belif Products Part 3: Essence, Serum, Oil, Spot Treatment, Balm

I have talked about brand philosophy, brand overview and my first encounter with the brand Belif in my previous posts, which you can refer in the links provided below. In this part 3 review, I am gonna focus on skin treatments like ampoule, serum, essence, spot treatment, oil and balm.

To be honest, Belif has an extensive line of treatment products, ranging from light to heavy. They target difference skin types and skincare purposes, ranging from brightening, hydrating, nourishing, anti-aging, firming to sebum-controlling. Recently they also came out with a calming line for summer weather as well. But I do notice that Belif doesn't carry a lot of acne-treating products. They might carry acne scar reducing essence but not really those that can prevent the worsening of acne. So I normally go for Cosrx if I am looking for something anti-acne. Belif whitening line is also less comprehensive. I guess that's because they cannot use anything that is scientifically proven to be effective like vitamin C, AHA, arbutin, and so on. I do spot niacinamide but their niacinamide products are not potent enough to tackle my hyperpigmentation. So if you ask me, I tend to just look for anti-oxidizing, anti-aging, skin soothing and moisturizing treatments in Belif. I won't rely on Belif products if it comes to acne or whitening concerns.

Let's look at some of the amazing Belif treatments I have tried previously:
  • Belif The True Decoction Firming Essence
  • Belif Hungarian Water Essence
  • Belif Hungarian Water Essence – Moisture Binder
  • Belif The True Anti-Aging Essence
  • Belif Classic Essence Increment
  • Belif Peat Miracle Revital Serum Concentrate
  • Belif The True - Whitening Essence
  • Belif Manology 101 Smart Energy Enhancer
  • Belif Manology 101 Smart Recharger
  • Belif The True Facial Oil
  • Belif The Balm Almighty
  • Belif Aqua Gel Oil
  • Belif The True - Whitening Spot Balm

1 May 2017

Review: Raves and Rants of 9 The Body Shop Products I Personally Used

For someone who always for body care products at Watson's and Guardian like myself, The Body Shop is considered an expensive place to shop at. A body lotion easily costs around RM 60, not to mention its luxurious World of SPA which can spike up to RM 250. But, the more I try out The Body Shop products, the more I fall in love with their quality and performance. These are just high quality products with amazing texture and ingredients used. It makes sense. If you can spend RM 150 on a moisturizer at Laneige or RM 50 at Innisfree, why wouldn't you spend RM 60 on a body lotion that you know will be beneficial for your body? Doesn't our body deserve the same care as our face? 

So today I am gonna share with you guys 9 The Body Shop products I have tried in the past 2 years. I should write about this earlier but you know... I was kinda finicky at what I posted in the past and would rewrite at least 3-4 times before posting it out so my pace had been really slow. But it is a good thing, because that means you can read everything about these amazing products in just one post!

Alright, let's head straight to the products. Included are:

  • The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream
  • The Body Shop SPA Wisdom Africa Ximenia and Salt Scrub
  • The Body Shop Africa Honey & Beeswax Hands & Foot Butter
  • The Body Shop SPA Of The World French Lavender Massage Oil
  • The Body Shop SPA of the World Dead Sea Salt Scrub
  • The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus Body Butter
  • The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus Eau de Toilette
  • The Body Shop Shea Whip Body Lotion
  • The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion

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